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Smoke Damage Restoration

Have you ever had a grease or electrical fire? Was your home struck by lightning? Unfortunately disasters like this happen every day and leave people in a state of confusion. At Pruden Restoration we are here to work with you and your insurance company to get your life back in order. Pruden Restoration can perform demolition services along with rebuilding the structure. We can perform all aspects of restoring a home including replacing flooring, drywall, interior trim and painting and all exterior damage.

Although you hire us, we work with your insurance company and adjusters to make sure your home is returned to pre-disaster condition. Fire damage can range in severity from light smoke to total destruction of part or all of the building. Whatever the severity, most victims find themselves in unfamiliar territory and rely on insurance professionals and restoration contractors to guide them through this traumatic ordeal.

Commercial Business and Office Building Smoke Damage Repair and Restoration

If you have smoke damage from a fire or other disaster like a lightning strike and need smoke damage restoration for your commercial business we can help you. We can provide a smoke damage inspection and quote and share how we can fix and restore your commercial business to like new conditions prior to the smoke the damage that occurred.  

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